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Mortgage Lenders by State

!M1 Capital
California-based lender offers a variety of loan programs, including FHA, VA, and debt-consolidation loans. Fill out an application to receive details.
# 1 Mortgage Home Loans Equity Refinancing Mortgage
Mortgage home equity loans for refinancing and debt consolidation loans. Apply online for mortgage home loan quotes, rates and refinancing.

# 1 Mortgages Home Loans Refinancing Mortgages
Home mortgages and loans for refinancing and debt consolidation. Apply online for loan quotes and rates on mortgages, and try the calculator.

#1 Debt Consolidation Loans - Loans America
Fill out an application for refinancing, debt consolidation, home-improvement, or home-equity loans. Compare offers from several lenders.

#1 Home Loans USA
Nationwide mortgage lender offers loans for debt consolidation, home equity or improvement, and refinancing. Also find mortgage calculators.

Mortgage lender's offices and regional centers across the United States offer zero-point purchase, refinance, and home-equity loan programs.

Real estate service offers cash-back incentives to home buyers and sellers. Discover its nationwide services, and investigate becoming an agent.

1st Choice Mortgages
Nationwide lender specializes in second-mortgage debt consolidation programs. Review the programs and fill out an application.

1st Mortgage Refinancing USA
National mortgage lender offers refinancing of mortgages, along with fixed rate, self-employed, and adjustable rate mortgages.

1st Nationwide Mortgage Loans
Offers a national mortgage lending program. Complete an application, explore the loan glossary, and find tips for home owners.

Features a loan program that facilitates home improvement and refinancing. Get a quote or use a loan calculator to propose an amount.

A1 Bad Credit Home Loans
Nationwide mortgage lender specializes in mortgages, and debt consolidation, foreclosure and bankruptcy loans.

About Mortgages - Prudential
Describes types of mortgages and gives tips on finding out how much customers can afford. Learn about the Prudential's Mortgage Program.|100017806;g=z/http://www.pruf

About Our Loans - Ameriquest Mortgage Company
National lending company with more than 190 branches outlines the details of its home equity loan programs, open to people with bad credit.|60607532;g=z/http://www.ameri

AccuBanc Mortgage Corporation
Info about the company, the types of loan and re-financing packages available, and how to apply. Features a location finder.

AgStar Financial Services
Offers financial and agricultural services to rural communities, including loans, leases, crop insurance and home mortgages.

Alaska Branches - Ameriquest Mortgage
Find a loan office in Alaska to request refinancing or a home equity loan. Learn about loan offers to people with bad credit.|100143916;g=z/http://www.amer

All America Home Loans
Nat'l network of lenders provides online applications for home loans. Helps with mortgages, refinancing, debt consolidation and home improvement.

Allcity Services
Boston-based lender offers mortgages, SBA financing, and residential, business, private-finance, and commercial loans across the United States.|60652358;g=z/http://www.allcitys

America's Best Mortgages & Loans
Provides mortgages and loans to those with bad credit or low incomes. Apply for home-equity, refinance, and debt-consolidation loans.

American General Financial Group
National financial-services group offers mortgages, retail financing, and loans for debt consolidation, consumers, and home improvement.

American Mortgage and Home Loan
Features guides and rates for mortgage, home and equity loans. Obtain a free consultation or request a quote.

Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Offers home equity and home loans to people with less than perfect credit. Find a branch by state, learn how mortgages work or request a loan online.|60607061;g=z/http://www.ameri

Ameriquest Mortgage Company - About Us
Sub-prime lender provides home equity loans to people with poor credit ratings. Visit more than 190 branches, or request a loan online.|60620526;g=z/http://www.ameri

Anchor Mortgage
Quick way to find out competitive rates. Check that you're getting the best deal, especially if you have already been offered a mortgage.

Approved Mortgage Association
Choose from 300 mortgage products and apply for the one that best suits your needs. Features a repayment calculator and updated interest rates.

ARCS Commercial Mortgage
Financing of the future is available right now. Do it all online, from finding the package that best suit your needs, to getting an approval.

Arkansas Branches - Ameriquest Mortgage
Find branch locations near Arkansas, and request a home equity loan or refinancing online. Lender offers loans to people with bad or damaged credit.|100143903;g=z/http://www.amer

Associated Lenders
National network of over 120 brokers with 600 loan programs to choose from. Promise to offer best rates and service.
Assurance Mortgage Corporation
A national mortgage lender with low mortgage rates and a variety of mortgage programs: bad credit, home equity, second mortgages etc.

Bad Credit Loans Company
Nationwide lender provides mortgages and debt-consolidation loans to those saddled with bad credit. Request a loan by phone, or find a local branch.

Bad Credit Mortgage Online
Mortgage lender specializes in providing financing to those with bad credit. Apply for home equity, refinancing, or a home-improvement loan.

Barrons Mortgage Group
Mortgage lender serves North and South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. Offers comparison tools for loan-seekers and explains the loan process.

Best Home Loan
Specialize in hard to do mortgages. Consider a bad credit history to not be an obstacle and have branches in several states.

Best Home Loan America
Mortgage lender provides refinancing, home-equity, and first-time-buyer loan programs and services throughout the United States.

Better Mortgage Loan USA, A
Provides mortgages and loans to those with bad credit or low incomes. Read the terms and benefits, and apply for home-equity, refinancing, or debt-consolidation loans.

CIS Financial Services
Offers financing and refinancing for manufactured homes, as well as insurance and loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Check rates.|60631530;g=z/

CLN MortgageNet
Shop online for the mortgage and rates that best suit your needs. List your requirements and brokers from across the nation will email offers.

Countrywide Home Loans
Nationwide lender based in Pasadena, California, offers information about its services, including a home-loan wizard.

Shop for bank cards, mortgages, and personal or business loans from this directory of lenders, credit firms and venture-capital specialists.

Financial service company for those who need credit assistance. Apply for credit cards plus auto, home and student loans on a secure server.|60555327;g=z/http://www.creditpr

Crestar Mortgage Corporation
Pre-qualify for a mortgage from the comfort of home. Helps you calculate what you can afford, and what the best terms are.

CTX Mortgage Home Page
See how you go with the home buyer's quiz, learn about the mortgage options available from the company, and find a branch near you.

Delta Financial Corporation
Company providing mortgage loans shares its background, customer service contact information, and a list of nationwide office locations.

Discount Funding Associates
Site is easy to use and fast. Promises to give speedy answers to all online mortgage applications.

E-Home Mortgage Loans
Searches lowest rates on retirement, college fund, debt consolidation, new purchase, refinancing and foreclosure loans. Fill out an application.

Eastern Mortgage
Quick way to find out competitive rates. Check that you're getting the best deal, especially if you have already been offered a mortgage.

Empire Mortgage
New Jersey mortgage banker specializes in providing loans on bad credit as well as after bankruptcy and foreclosures. Provides an application.

Equity Direct Mortgage
Real estate mortgage banker specializing in special situation mortgages, including bankruptcy and foreclosure. - Equity Direct Mortgage Corporation
Division of Equity Direct Mortgage provides brokerage services for people who have prime to subprime credit. Submit an application.

Fannie Mae - Corporate Homepage
Chartered by the Federal Government to make housing more accessible, this company is the nation's largest home lender.

Farmer Mac
Info on the range of mortgage and financial assistance packages available to rural Americans. Gives daily rates.

Farwest Mortgage Services
Find how this lender can help with reverse mortgages, FHA Title I improvements, second trust deeds and streamline refinancing.

Federal Funding Corporation
Learn how the company's Quick Equity Builder cash management system works. Find contacts.

Federal Real Estate Home Loan Mortgages
Find loan resources for mortgages including refinancing, and home equity, Fill out an application and find information on debt consolidation.

FHA Mortgage Home Loans
National mortgage banker specializes in residential mortgage lending and posts details on its FHA and VA first-time home buyer and refinancing programs.

Fidelity Mortgage Services
Multistate lender provides residential and commercial mortgage loans. Apply, use the payment calculator, and read about closing costs.

Find a Branch - Ameriquest Mortgage
Search for a local branch of this lender by using neighborhood zip codes or states. Ameriquest extends home equity loan to people with bad credit.|100143824;g=z/http://www.amer

First American Financial
Company was founded in 1889, is based in Santa Ana, California, and provides real estate-related financial services. See the office directory.

First Nationwide Mortgage Corporation
National mortgage lender describes its services. Read about various payment methods and use the calculator.

First Pacific Financial - Company Homepage
Mortgage banker profiles its loan programs and refinancing options. Find mortgage calculators, a glossary and a FAQ.

Freddie Mac - Corporate Homepage
Government-backed mortgage company offers low-cost financing. Find educational home-buying resources and community development news.
Mortgage Lenders by State

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